Attending Author Page

Welcome Attending Author! We are excited to meet you and see your beautiful tables. 

Here you will find all updates on the event and information you may need!


Some tips:

  • Readers visiting your table love swag. Try to have some on display. You can have swag made, or use Vistaprint and other sites for stickers, bookmarks, pens, etc. 

  • You can decorate your tables. In fact, we encourage it. Make your table stand out! If you are bringing jello shots, please keep them away from small children so they can't just grab them if anyone does bring their children. 

  • You have two General Admission tickets you can giveaway in your reader groups. We recommend doing a giveaway with them, but you can give them to anyone you want to attend. Once you have picked the winners of your tickets, you just need to email us with their names and their email addresses so we can send them their tickets electronically. 

  • We recommend you make a preorder form so readers can preorder your books in advance. You can create on using Google Forms. Send it over to us so we can put them up on the website closer to the event. Do go ahead and post them in the Attending Reader Group on Facebook! 

  • We encourage you to post any sales or book related posts in the attending readers group so the readers can get to know you before the event. Just put Attending Author on the post.


Can I get a discounted hotel rate?


Yes you can!

We are awaiting the link to book your group rate room at the New Orleans Marriott. We will post the reservation link in the group as soon as we have it and on this page. 

Where should you send your books? 

Send them to the hotel if you're flying. Make sure to put your name. Please arrange this with the hotel beforehand if you're staying there, or at the hotel you're staying at, by calling them.

How do I get my 2 free reader tickets?

With your table you get two free tickets to give away to your readers.

Just do your giveaway and send the names of your winners to

with their email addresses. These tickets are General Admission only. We will then put your readers names on our list.


A boxed lunch will be provided for you, included in your table fee, by the hotel. If you are bringing a PA,

you must pay for your PA's lunch. Please email us for further information. If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies please let us know in advance! You can email us at

Preorder forms:

You can make a preorder form using Google Forms so your readers can preorder your books before the event

and pick them up there. If you make one, please send us the link so we can add it to our preorder list. 

Vampire ball tickets and ghost tour: 

We are offering all attending authors the option to buy tickets at a discount. See the bottom of this page for more information. 

Will I receive a welcome pack?

Yes you will, closer to the date! This pack will include everything you need, such as hotel reservation links, information on flights, the full schedule, your seating plan, and a list of things you can do in New Orleans on your visit. 

Getting a table:

We are currently full! We do have a wait list that you can join. If a table becomes available, we will email you and let you know. 

I can no longer attend

If you are unable to attend, please not we do not offer refunds on any tables, partial or full after June 27th, 2019. 

We are happy, however,to transfer the table to another author if you find someone who will buy your table from you.

If we have another author on the wait list who would like to attend, we will contact them upon you letting us know of

your cancellation and offer them to buy your table from you. 

If we do not have authors on our wait list left then we cannot offer this option.


FREE head shots by our photographer are available to all attending authors! We will post a form soon that you can fill out to secure a spot. 

Vampire Ball

After the signing, put on your masks, get out your best dresses and suits, and join us for a night to remember at our Darkest Hearts Vampire Ball After Party. Dance to our live jazz band, find out your future with a tarot reading if you dare, and enjoy two drinks from the bar, all included with your ticket. When you're ready, move upstairs with the DJ, overlook the busy street while enjoying a glass of wine, and breathe in New Orleans. Have your photo taken by our photographer to capture the memory, and snack on Hors D'oeuvre as they're handed out by our servers.

Dress code:

The Vampire Ball is black tie formal. So please dress up! We will have a lot of pictures taken, as well as dancing to live music and a DJ upstairs. So put your best foot forward. 

Age restrictions:

Please bring your ID as we will have security at the door. You must be 21 or older to come into the event. 

What is included with the ball ticket?

  • 2 Drink Tickets to use at the bar.

  • A Tarot Reading by a New Orleans Native. 

  • Snack on Hors D'oeuvre. 

  • Access to the live band on the first floor: Orphaned at Storyville. 

  • Access to the DJ upstairs with dancing.

  • Your picture taken by our photographer. 

  • Access to the balconies. Use one of your drink tickets, grab a glass of wine, and look over the busy streets below. 

What time is the ball?

The ball starts at 5PM, giving you plenty of time between the signing and ball to grab something to eat, decompress, and get dressed up. The Starlight is only an 8 minute walk from the hotel. It finishes at 8.30PM.


How much is it? 

Get an earlybird ticket for only $80 using our form. This is available to authors and their PA's only. 

The walking ghost tour is only $5 a ticket. There will be more details on the tour itself at a later date. 

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