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Spellbinding Events is more than just helping authors put on an amazing networking event, where they can sell their books and find readers who love their style. We also want to give back.


All funds raised during the raffle at DC Bookstars, every cent, will be given to United Through Reading, who is excited we're partnering with them.

While you're prepping for the event, please consider bringing a raffle basket or items toward a raffle basket to help us support this amazing organization. We will have raffle tickets available for purchase, and we encourage all attendees, PAs, and authors to participate.

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United Through Reading connects military families who are separated, by providing the bonding experience of shared story time.


You can find more information about their organization here:


How to Give

To donate to the raffle:

You can bring one item, a few items, or a ready-made basket to contribute to UTR's cause. We will combine loose items the morning of the event in appropriate quantities and set them on display for everyone to peruse.

To participate in the raffle:

Tickets to participate in the raffle are $1 each or 6 for $5. Each raffle basket will have a ticket pouch, and you will be able to put your tickets in the bag of the basket(s) you want to win. Be sure to put your name on your ticket and stick around for when we call your name!

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